Breaking News: IPWA presents: Wrestling in Cinema City, December 15th. Main Event: Sydal vs WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn

Next Event - Cinema City Dec 15


Netanya, Israel, September 24th, 2019: Gery Roif and IPWA Wrestling are extremely proud to announce that IPWA has signed a multi event deal with Cinema City and therefore our next event will be held in Cinema City Glilot - one of the most central venues in Israel. The event will be called "Cinema City Wrestling" and it will take place December 15th in a 900 seat arena.

The event will be headlined by our beloved IPWA champion - Matt Sydal (Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Evan Bourne) as he will defend the IPWA title against one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all times - MR. BILLY GUNN!!!

Billy Gunn is a 2019 class WWE Hall of Famer, currently a producer for AEW, former 11 times WWF/E tag team champion (with Bart Gunn as the Smoking Gunns, with Road Doag as the New Age Outlaws and more), former WWE Intercontinental and Hardcore champion, 1999 King of the Ring and a member of one of the greatest factions in wrestling history - DX (Degeneration X, with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Chyna).

"It is a huge step for Israeli Wrestling, to be established and recognized as one of the top professional independent wrestling promotions in the world, emphasizing the word "professional". This event is probably the most important event in Israeli wrestling history, because it's not just a one time thing, but rather a big show that will lead to more big shows, more big names, more recognition and more success" - said IPWA promoter and founder, Gery Roif.

Ticket prices will range around 200-250nis, to make sure every wrestling fan will be able to come see the show. Ticket information will be available soon.

Stay tuned for more information and wish us all Good Luck!