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Past Events


Wrestling Party on august 26th came to solidify IPWA as a professional wrestling promotion, when Matt Sydal retained his title against Yuval Gioldshmit, who won a 21 men Rumble match to qualify for the bout. Also on the card, Rabbi Swissa beat Tye Clodd, the Hadar Horvitz & Guy Landau beat The Phanters, Goldshmit beat Rixon, Boulder beat Magnezi and Gaya Glass beat UK's Nadia Sappire. Shay Blanco got his revenge in a no DQ against Lior Libman.

April 21st, 2019 featured the return of Passover Bash, drawing 200 fans to the Berale Music Club. Jay Lethal defeated David Starr in what is described to have been the greatest wrestling match EVER on Israel soil, and probably one of the best matches so far this year in general. After the match both acknowledged each other and shook hands in sign of respect in an incredible emotional finale. Matt Sydal defeated Rabbi Swissa and won the IPWA championship. The Mechanics (Ariel Moore & Guy Landau) managed to score an upset win over the Titan Towers (Tal Bar On & Idan Dagan), the talented Yuval Goldshmit beat Black Phanter and Idan Boulder in a thrilling bout, Max Havok defeated Hadar Horvitz and Lior Libman cheated his way against Shay Blanco in an exciting opener.

On july 9th, 2017 Gery Roif (Rabbi Swissa) teamed up with Jumping Lee & WWE Legend Marty Jannetty against Kevin, Ross and Marshall Von Erich in front of over 1,000 fans in Tel Aviv. in the biggest wrestling event since WWF in 94. Produced by Doron Degani and Egoeast Productions in partnership with Los Angeles Wrestling and IWL. Also on the show appeared: Tatanka, David Starr, Bad Bones, Matt Sydal and more.

IPWA took a break, as Gery Roif went to cover WWE Wrestlemania for Israeli press and wrestled in the United States and WXW in Germany, as well as made connections to bring Israeli talent to tryout for WWE at the Performance Center. 

April 19th, 2014 IPWA held it's traditional "Passover Bash" with former WWE cruiserweight champion, ECW tag team champion, Little Guido Nunzio beating Rabbi Swissa and Lior Libman retaining against Sharon Palty. Dean Lan /w Killer beat Hellboy, Yoni Bregman beat Amit Moshe Oren and Joey Tylec beat Gil.

In 2013 IPWA held a special event at the Dead Sea with WWE superstar Noam Dar, who was supposed to headline against Rabbi Swissa. However due injury he only did a training camp and Swissa faced Rixon instead. Lior Libman won the IPWA title in a bout vs. De Shanell, who replaced Ken Kerbis due ankle injury, Sharon Palty beat Tomer Offner, Dean Lan beat Shahar Hyatt. Kronus beat Shay Blanco and Guy Landau beat Hellboy.

January 21st, IPWA held "Music & Wrestling" which saw Hellboy beat Rabbi Swissa in a grueling bout for the title, Sharon Palty beat Idan Boulder, Mr. Israel Mishell Taroni beat Dean Lan, Tomer Offner beat Dean as well, Max Von Punx beat Shay Blanco in a NO DQ match, Ivan Brovkin beat Shahar Hyatt.

November 1st, 2012 IPWA featured "Wrestling in the Rain" headlined by one of the best matches ever on our local scene between Lior Libman and Tomer Shalom as well as a special 3 vs 3 bout when Rabbi Swissa teamed with Yossi the Bull against Idan Boulder, Rixon and Ken Kerbis. Joey Tylec beat Omry Balely, Ivan Brovkin beat the Inspector, Aniga defeated Hellboy and Yokozuna Shavit beat Killer Degani.

In August 2012 the promotion held what was the most important event until that point - the "Super Show" featuring WWE Legend Tatanka against Rabbi Swissa for the IPWA title. Tatanka beat the Rabbi and became IPWA champion to the delight of the nostalgic crowd on hand. Then in November "Wrestling in the Rain" featured what was arguably the best wrestling match our local scene ever saw when Tomer Shalom and Lior Libman tore each other apart. The show also featured a 3 on 3 match with Kerbis & Boulder & Rixon vs Swissa & Palty & the Bull.

August 25th, 2001 IPWA presented "Heat Strike" headlined by Israeli Survivor's winner - Nathan Bashevkin, who went one on one with Rabbi Swissa for the IPWA title. After a hard fought battle, Swissa was able to overcome the odds. Hellboy beat Lior Libman with Hasamba actor, Tomer Offner as guest referee, De Shannel beat Guy Landau, Erik Crow beat Max Von Punx, Eyal Smiley beat Big Leo, Adi Horvitz beat Dean Lan and Ken Kerbis beat Kronus. The show got major press in the media with Beshevkin being featured on the card.

July 14th, 2011 IPWA moved to Elizur Netanya and held the traditional "Summer Splash" during which was featured a tournament to crown a new IPWA champion. Rabbi Swissa (Gery Roif) defeated Adi Horvitz, Big Leo and Lior Libman in the finals to win back the IPWA title for the 5th time. 

March 31st, 2010 IPWA held one of it's biggest shows at Maccabi Boxing Club with Hawaii Allen beating Gery Roif to end their long time feud, Black Leopard won the big Elimination Battle Royal by overcoming the Red Executioner in the end, Yossi the Bull beat Iceman Rozin, The Leopards beat Tough Assaf and the Style, Evgeny Lyder beat Erik Crow, Guy Landau won IPWA Academy match, Idan Boulder beat Sharon Palty and Eyal Smiley beat Ken Kerbis and Lior Libman in a 3Way match.

On may 13th, 2009, IPWA produced one of it's biggest shows - "Israeli Wrestling 2009" at the Studio 49 Nightclub featuring Yossi the Bull beating Sharon Palty to win the IPWA championship in one of the greatest matches to be featured on the local scene. Queen Neta beat Tiny, Bootyliscious beat Larrah Croft, Evgeny Lyder beat Eyal Smiley, Idan Boulder beat B Boy Adrenaline, House P beat the Style and Iceman Rozin beat the Black Leopard.

On June 9th, 2007 the promotion moved to Maccabi Tel Aviv's boxing club and remained there until 2001. During that time the promotion produced some of the best shows of the era, including Summer Splash 2007 featuring a visit from Bret Hart's ex wife - Julie, Omry Balely beating Gery Roif in a student vs teacher bout and Sharon Palty beating Yossi the Bull in the finals to become IPWA champ. In the celebrity wing of the show: Actress and comedienne Michal Gavrielov beat TV writer Dror Nobleman and TV host Zohar Israel in a 3Way attraction. Hawaii Allen beat NY Rosenfeld, Makkat Medina's MC Nammer beat Chief Inspector Rosenberg and Black Leopard beat Evgeny Lyder. 

Summer Splash 2006 took place august 14th on Herzlya beach featuring Hawaii Allen vs. Jumping Lee for the IPWA title and Roif vs. Yossi the Bull in an Iron Man match. Red Executioner beat Sharon Palty, Joey Tylec defeated Evgeny Lyder, Microspots: Rosenfeld & Rosenberg /w Unger beat Omry Balely & Tough Asaf, Idan Boulder got over the Black Leopard and Furious Ace beat Gilad Daliyot.

Jan 10th, 2006 IPWA ran several events at the "Meimad 5th" club in TLV, one of the events - "Wrestlenovella" even aired on the British Wrestling Channel, TWC. Omry Balely retained his title against Evgeny Lyder, Hawaii Allen beat Sharon Palty, Gery Roif beat Noam Amit and Yossi the Bull battled Joey Tylec in a bloody fight in the feud of the year.

In 2005 IPWA partnered with BIP comedy network and produced the satiric wrestling series "Makkat Medina" which gave the promotion even more notoriety. Amit Romem vs Mr. Weiss, Inga vs. Adina and Rabbi Swissa vs. Vladimir were probably a few of the most memorable moments from the show. Bret Hart and Kevin Von Erich visited the crew while in Israel and Von Erich even shot a "don't do this at home" commercial that ran before every episode. The finale saw a Triple Threat between the ladies, which Inga won (Emily Kagan later rose to MMA fame, as she fought in the UFC), also a Battle Royal which crowned Mr. Weiss (Yossi The Bull) as the Makkat Medina champ. You can view all the episodes on Mako's VOD channel here. Hot even created a video game for the show after season 1 ended. Tapings took place between July 16 and October 22.
Article about the creation of Makkat Medina in hebrew

Passover Bash 2005 took place april 28th in front of a record breaking 400 crowd at Ben Gurion School Sports Arena in Netanya. Gery Roif beat Hawaii Allen and Joey Tylec to win back the IPWA title, Sharon Palty beat New York Rosenfeld, Bar Peled beat Officer Unger, Red Executioner beat the Psychopath and Evgeny Lyder beat Omry Balely.

Kosher Clash took place on the 16th of November featuring Bar Peled vs. Omry Balely, Jumping Lee beat Matt Lyder and Joey Tylec retained his title against Hawaii Allen. After the show, the pilot for Makkat Medina was taped, as Gery Roif became Shmerl Bar Kohva (what eventually will become Rabbi Swissa) and Jumping Lee became "Sergeant Hezi".

July 6th, 2004 IPWA Summer Splash III took place and up until then was probably the most successful show of the promotion. Over 100 fans packed the "David Sports Gym" in Netanya. Joey Tylec finally defeated Gery Roif to win the IPWA title in a thrilling and grueling bout, and FWA's Aviv Maayan from the UK's teamed up with Hawaii Allen to defeat Yossi the Bull and Jumping Lee.

On April 13th, 2004 IPWA held it's first traditional Passover Bash that was covered on Channel 2's national news broadcast. Gery Roif defeated Joey Tylec , Nadav Rosenfeld beat Matt Lyder for the title and then Roif beat Nadav Rosenfeld to regain his title, Yossi the Bull fought Sharon Palty, Chris Korvinn beat Doron Degani and more.

On February 24th Netanya Havoc took place, featuring a one night tournament. Roif lost to Nadav Arbel in the 1st round and lost to Matt Lyder in the finals.

On July 24th, 2003 Gery Roif defeated Texas Wrestling Academy graduate, Joey Tylec to become the first IPWA champion in front of more than 800 fans, during an MMA a televised event in Herzlya. Many Israeli wrestling fans attended the bout to support those two pioneers. Week later, july 27th, Summer Splash took place with Roif retaining against Tylec in a rematch and Max Christian Jericho defeating Matt Lyder.

The group started training in 2001. In february 2002 Gery and Max put on an exhibition show on Channel 10's "Bazz" show. In summer 2002 they held the first exhibition event with Max Christian Jericho & Bar Peled defeating Gery & Tziva Messing in the main event.

You can find more information about our shows at's great wrestling events reportage site.